Change starts small with a seeded thought in our mind.

Just like a thought can build into a grand vision, a hemp seed may appear tiny, but it has greatness within it, and the ability, to make a huge difference in our world.

Humble Hemp is one of the strongest, fastest growing and productive crops creating the longest most durable natural fiber for thousands of uses and the most concentrated and complete source of essential nutrients and medicinal phytosterols for human health and well being. It is kind and gentle on the earth giving us cleaner air, energy and more fertile soil from its incomparable biomass.

Its fuel for innovation. Use it, eat it, wear it… give it the attention and respect it deserves, in all aspects of our lives.

This seed… then becomes a better way of life – PLANETHEMP – live it!

What would life be like on PLANETHEMP using more hemp as “Essentials for Life”?

Hemp may provide us:


  • raw, vegan, delicious, whole food ingredients 
  • complete protein, good fats, vitamins, minerals 
  • healthier, happier, wealthier, smarter people 
  • cleaner air to breath 
  • hypoallergenic, breathable, comforting clothes 
  • sustainable, longer lasting, healthier homes 
  • natural medicines without negative side effects 
  • peace and harmony 


  • processing, gmo, chemicals and toxins
  • empty carbs, damaged oils, undigestable protein
  • disease, depression, illiteracy, impotency
  • air pollution
  • allergies, rashes, sensitivity, odours
  • sick buildings, expense to have and keep a home
  • drugs, addictions, numbed out hopelessness
  • negative karma, harm done to ourselves & others