The demand for hemp products is rapidly rising as consumers seek out cleaner, healthier, plant-based foods. The hunger for soy-free, dairy-free and animal-free proteins is at its highest in history and growing rapidly. Hemp provides seeds, protein powders, oils, dairy and meat alternatives, and adds healthier options to most grocery categories. It offers the ideal 1-3 ratio of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, it’s rich in fiber, packed with vitamins and minerals, and it tastes great. Hailed as a “perfect food,” hemp strongly appeals to a broad and growing consumer base looking for nutritious, natural “superfoods” that promise greater health, vitality, clarity and energy.

Now that the profound health benefits of the active ingredients like CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, and many other terpenes and plant sterol phytonutrients are being recognized and legally accessible around the world, medicinal marijuana has attracted keen interest globally and bridging the long time gap between hemp and marijuana as a negative drug – to the foremost natural nutraceutical on earth.

Company Key Metrics, Milestones and Projections:

Debt: $0   Inventory: $1.5M   Assets: $6M

Year AcresRevenue (*audited)What Happened?
2,500 acres
$3.2M *USA hemp law changes, drug stigma lessens, Hempco receives offers to sell company
3,000 acres
$4.1M *begin RTO for public funding, PLANETHEMP® re-branding, complete, renovation for HACCP & GMP and double manufacturing capacity initiated
5,000 acres
$5.2M *Key hires, PLANETHEMP® launch: UK and Canada, secured $3m /yr contract with Seoulotions in Korea, fulfilled in 7 months, production capacity doubled in MB
7,000 acres
$6.74MKey hires, completed meatless products R&D, PLANETHEMP® UK distribution failed, regrouping, Canada sales growing, Seoulotions in Korea $9m/yr contract falls short with Korea supply competition, new AB 56,000 ft facility, $2.1m raise to install new seed processing equipment, cash crunch requires $3m raise June 2017. Aurora offer.
15,000 acres
$12.0MComplete the Nisku equipment hulling and milling install. Expand processing to include oil pressing and seed cleaning internally. Apply for Government funding. Focus on sales. Move Burnaby office to Nisku. Complete vertical integration with some co-packing processing redundancy. BRC completed.
15,000 acre
$17.0MMake value added use of all co-products. Focus on Sales and better margins. Launch non dairy products. Continue to expand the product line.
20,000 acre
$22.0MFocus on sales and better margins.