The demand for hemp products is rapidly rising as consumers seek out cleaner, healthier, plant-based foods. The hunger for soy-free, dairy-free and animal-free proteins is at its highest in history and growing rapidly. Hemp provides seeds, protein powders, oils, dairy and meat alternatives, and adds healthier options to most grocery categories. It offers the ideal 1-3 ratio of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, it’s rich in fiber, packed with vitamins and minerals, and it tastes great. Hailed as a “perfect food,” hemp strongly appeals to a broad and growing consumer base looking for nutritious, natural “superfoods” that promise greater health, vitality, clarity and energy.



2015/16 Revenues


Total Assets




$400K LOC




Year Revenue What Happened?
2008 $750K Starts hemp protein, oil, nut processing at facility in Watson SK
2009 $1.2M Launch Hempets Brand and complete R&D on biodiesel generator
2010 $1.7M Develops hemp protein concentrate – begin SAFE soil program
2011 $2.0M Move to 20,000 ft. facility in MacGregor MB – production capacity x 2
2012 $2.5M Launch “Omega” Retail Brand, begin R&D on meatless products
2013 $3.1M Begin purchasing equipment to double production capacity
2014 $3.5M US hemp law changes, drug stigma lessens, Hempco receives 6 offers to sell company
2015  $4.1M Begin RTO for public funding, PLANETHEMP® re-branding, complete renovation for HACCP & GMP and double manufacturing capacity
2016 $5.2M Key hires, completed meatless products R&D, PLANETHEMP® launch: UK and Canada, secured $3m /yr contract with Seoulotions in Korea, doubled production capacity in MacGregor MB, R&D fibre side
2017 $10M Key hires, completed snack products R&D, PLANETHEMP® growing distribution and sales: UK and Canada, Seoulotions in Korea supply contract $9m/yr, MacGregor MB facility is now a co-packer, new AB 56,000 sq ft facility, $2.1m raise to install new seed processing equipment
2018 $20M Expand production for processing food products, apply for Gov funding to diversify into hemp fibre products development /processing Maximize Whole Crop Utilization Strategy – hemp food, fibre and medicine




Forecast is based on assumptions and expectations in light of information currently available; actual performance may differ; no guarantee is presented or implied.


Hemp: One of the World’s
Greatest Natural Resources

No other natural resource offers the potential of hemp. Hemp is well know as the longest most durable natural fiber on earth. It produces four times more pulp per acre than trees. Hemp seeds are an unequalled nutritional powerhouse loaded with the highest concentration of ideal 1-3 ratio Omega 3 to Omega 6 Essential (body must have) Fatty Acids. It also has the highest quality Edistin / Albumin type complete and easily assimilated protein with all 10 Essential Amino Acids, and vitamins and minerals. As well, hemp flowers, leaves and roots are known for their medicinal qualities and are in the process of being legalized in Canada and the US. The personal and industrial applications of hemp is unending and Hempco is committed to carry on its 15 years of expertise in food manufacturing and explore how to best use the “whole plant” and monetize hemp co-products from its harvest and manufacturing processes. An exciting future awaits.