Charles grew up in a hard working, blue-collar family in Winnipeg, where he was an honour student, president of his class and an accomplished athlete. The family moved to Vancouver Island and, working alongside his father, Charles discovered his love for entrepreneurship. Together they developed property, created hydroponic greenhouses and went on to focus on the health industry at large.

Charles began his life’s mission in his mid 20s, when his “driven to excel” personality created serious health challenges which forced him to make major lifestyle changes to regain his health. He became a vegetarian, detoxified and averted an impending colostomy operation. This triggered an intense desire to understand the cause and correction of disease. Years of research and mentorship with some of the greatest nutritionists led Charles on a search for the ultimate food source for humans –specifically a vegan protein source. He found it in the mighty hemp seed. Charles founded Living Harvest and later added Hempco® Canada as a strategic vertical alignment. Now the world’s premier hemp seed food company, Hempco® introduced many innovative processing and products “firsts:” hemp protein powder, Achiva protein concentrate, non-dairy products like hemp milk and ice cream, and even Hemphuel, a biodiesel lubricant.

This was not enough for Charles. Dissatisfied with off-the-shelf health products, misleading marketing and mediocre ingredient suppliers, Charles and his wife, Wind, launched Conscious Planet in 2005 – a “do it yourself” retreat center level educational program and a complete health rejuvenating product line. Today, Charles teaches and speaks on health and wellness, and he and his wife and family are working to take Hempco® global.

Angela Holmes


Angela brings a unique combination of entrepreneurial experience with a deep understanding of how plants and food can be the key to a healthy life. Her career began in real estate sales and continued with the development of a number of pioneering online marketing ventures. For a time, she also pursued her passion as an artist in oil painting, and had her own successful studio in Vancouver.

At the invitation of her brother, Charles, she worked with her family to create and grow Living Harvest. She is also actively involved in the operations of Conscious Planet. Apart from her management skill and expertise in accounting, when faced with her own health challenges she sought to learn more about the healing arts and the relationship of food and plants to health. Following intensive study with Rosemary Gladstar and at the Dominion Herbal College, she became a chartered herbalist and clinical practitioner.

In her current role managing the office, logistics and finances of Hempco®, her training as a herbalist and extensive knowledge of the health food and supplement industry helps her meet the needs of her loyal customers while playing a key role in the growth of Hempco®. She says that the opportunity to work with her family to build an exciting business that will contribute to the world in a positive way is perhaps the best choice she has ever made.

Symentha Holmes


SYMENTHA HOLMES, Social Media, Sales & Education

Symentha is the passionate little sister with the big heart. On a mission to inspire and empower the world by sharing her own journey from sickness to wellness, her vision is big and bold. Similar to her her family’s vision, Symentha strives to help heal the world with hemp.

After years of being a model, recording and performing artist, an actor and professional bartender, Symentha’s health took a turn for the worst. Suffice it to say, hemp came to the rescue.

Going from slinging bar drinks to sharing hemp shakes, she followed the lead of her big brother, took her health into her own hands and did a health make-over. She became a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, a Hypnotherapist, studied Taoism and Qi gong and became a health coach. Today, she works closely with her family and the PlanetHemp team to share her story, knowledge and healthy cooking prowess—using hemp food, of course!

Symentha recently launched her booklet, Bringing Hemp Home, is soon launching her second booklet, Hardwired for Hemp, and started an online hub to support those who would like to use hemp food products to ignite their own health transformations.

Preet Marwaha


From learning to cook in his grandmother’s kitchen to VIP Chef and Guest Speaker at a United Nations conference, Preet Marwaha’s life has been defined by food.

He was not to know just how much until struck with a life threatening illness at 18. Then, food became the path back to health and his life’s mission: to create a paradigm shift in how people live, starting with food and the systems that produce it.

Today, he is an in-demand nutrition and food authority, locally and globally. He founded the popular Vancouver based OrganicLives™ line of raw organic food products, has worked with the UN Environment Program, India-Canada Organic Agriculture Association, World Wellness Project, and the Safe Planet Campaign; and developed and taught curriculums for Vancouver’s Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Preet also coaches people with acute or chronic illnesses, elite athletes and those who want to optimize their wellbeing. He believes that by reconnecting with our food—and understanding agriculture, production and manufacturing systems and the impact of our choices—the shift back to an optimal, sustainable way of living is possible.

John Charles Ross, CFO


John, a financial management professional comes to Hempco® from Bay Street in Toronto with 28 years of private and public company experience, 17+ years working with high growth and early stage companies on worldwide projects. Demonstrated ability to streamline business operations that drive growth and increase efficiency, as well as bottom-line profit. Strong qualifications in the implementation and development of financial controls and processes. Possessing solid leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Working the most recent 9+ years as a self employed consultant.

John is presently consulting to:
U3O8 Corp., Xtra-Gold Resources Corp., South American Silica Corp., Vertichem Corp., Niagara Ventures Corporation.

Don Mosher


Don has worked in the capital markets for 30 years, specializing in Venture Companies. He started his career at Union Securities Ltd in Vancouver where he was introduced to the public markets, trading stocks listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange. In 1998, Don went to work for a company called Napier Environmental Technologies, remaining with the Company until 2004.

In 2004, Don started a business called B & D Capital Partners. The business funded Venture Companies in all sectors of business, mining, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, etc. Don works as a liaison between Hempco and the market professionals that advise their clients on day to day investing as well as marketing to investment funds.