What is Greening Out? Effects and Top Remedies 2023

Curious about what is greening out? This article at hempco provides a comprehensive explanation of greening out, its causes, symptoms, and remedies.

What is Greening Out

What is Greening Out?

Have you ever heard of the term “greening out” but weren’t quite sure what it meant? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll delve into the world and explore its causes, symptoms, and possible remedies. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or someone just curious, this guide will shed light on this phenomenon. So, let’s jump right in!

Understanding Greening Out

Also known as “whitening” or “green fever,” refers to an unpleasant experience that some individuals may have after consuming cannabis. It’s characterized by a sudden onset of symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to intense distress. While greening out can happen to anyone, it’s more common among novice users or those who consume cannabis in high doses.

Causes of Greening Out

Greening out can be caused by a variety of factors, depending on the individual and the circumstances surrounding cannabis consumption. Here are a few:

1. Inexperienced Users: Novice users with a low tolerance to cannabis may be more susceptible to feel this out. Their bodies may not be accustomed to THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

2. It is believed that cannabis with high THC levels can increase the chances of having green fever since THC is the substance that causes cannabis to be psychoactive. High concentrations of THC can overwhelm the body, and higher doses can result in unconsciousness.

3. Excessive consumption of cannabis, whether through smoking, vaping, or consuming edibles, can cause Green Fever. To avoid overloading the body, you should start with small doses and gradually increase consumption over time.

4. Strain Sensitivity: Different cannabis strains have varying levels of THC and other compounds. Some individuals may be more sensitive to certain strains, increasing their chances of greening out when using these plants.

Symptoms of Greening Out

What exactly happens when someone greens out? Let’s look

1. Anxiety Disorders: A person may experience intense anxiety or panic attacks without warning, leaving them feeling overwhelmed.

2. Indigestion and vomiting: Greening can cause stomach discomfort, resulting in nausea and vomiting.

3. Lightheadedness or dizziness: Some people have difficulty maintaining their balance when experiencing dizziness or lightheadedness.

4. Rapid Heartbeat: An increased heart rate is a common symptom of greening out, which feelings of palpitations or a racing pulse can accompany.

5. Sweating: Excessive sweating, even in cool environments, can occur during a greening-out episode.

6. Confusion and Disorientation: Greening out may lead to a state of confusion or disorientation, making it challenging to focus or think clearly.

People with these symptoms may experience varying degrees of severity. It’s important to seek medical attention if you experience severe symptoms or are distressed.

 Remedies for Greening Out

Getting greened out isn’t a problem! Several remedies can relieve the symptoms and help you feel more relaxed. I suggest the following:

1. Relax : Staying a calm and comfortable environment. Move to a place where you can feel relaxed and secure. Additionally, dim the lights and play soothing music to create a calming atmosphere.

2. Stay Hydrated : Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to soothe discomfort associated with greening up.

3. Actively Breathe: Be sure to practice deep breathing exercises to regulate your breathing and relax.

4. Get your mind off : Drive the unpleasant symptoms by engaging in distracting activities. Engaging in a hobby, watching a favorite show, or listening to music can help shift your focus.

5. Consume CBD: CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, may provide a calming effect and counteract THC’s effects.

6. Obtain support: Don’t be afraid to talk to a trusted friend or family member if you feel overwhelmed.

Symptoms associated with Green Fever typically subside with time, and the experience is usually temporary. For future prevention, cannabis consumption should be approached moderately and with awareness of limits.

 FAQs about Greening Out

To further enhance your understanding , here are some frequently asked questions along with their concise answers:

1. What is the duration of a greening out episode?

The duration of a greening out episode can vary depending on the individual and the amount and potency of cannabis consumed. Typically, the symptoms subside within a few hours, but it may take longer for some individuals.

2. Can greening out be prevented?

While it cannot be entirely prevented, you can minimize the risk by starting with low doses of cannabis and gradually increasing as you become more comfortable and experienced.

3. Is greening out dangerous?

Greening out is generally not dangerous and is more unpleasant than life-threatening. However, if you experience severe symptoms or have any concerns, it’s always best to seek medical advice.

4. Can cannabis strains with lower THC levels reduce the chances of greening out?

Yes, opting for cannabis strains with lower THC levels can decrease the likelihood of greening out. Strains with higher CBD content or balanced THC/CBD ratios are often considered less likely to cause intense psychoactive effects.

5. Are there any long-term effects of greening out?

No, It does not have any known long-term effects on physical or mental health. However, it’s essential to use cannabis responsibly and be aware of your limits to avoid potential negative experiences.

6. Should I avoid cannabis altogether if I’ve had a greening out experience?

Experiencing green fever or whitening out doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid cannabis altogether. It’s a personal choice, and if you decide to continue using cannabis, you can adjust your consumption habits to reduce the risk of it.


Now that you have a clearer understanding of what greening out is, its causes, symptoms, and potential remedies, you’re better equipped to navigate your cannabis experiences. Remember, responsible cannabis use, moderation, and awareness of your body’s limits are key to avoiding greening out and enjoying a positive experience. Stay informed, take care of yourself, and have a happy and safe cannabis journey!

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