Strawberry Diesel





About Strawberry Diesel

A cannabis hybrid, Strawberry Diesel combines Strawberry Cough with New York City Diesel, two fruity fan favorites. Breeders created the sativa-dominant cross in order to enhance the sweet berry tastes of Strawberry Cough with NYC Diesel’s high energy buzz. The result is an outstanding hybrid strain.

Flavor and appearance

Strawberry Diesel plants grow tall and thin, reaching heights of up to 6 feet in some outdoor settings. It has dense nuggets covered in crystals and reddish pistils, similar to its Strawberry Cough ancestor. Colder climates are known to produce purple and blue hues in the lime green leaves. It emits a pungent, sweet strawberry smell with undertones of diesel fumes when properly cured. Upon inhalation, strawberry and cream are layered on top of acrid diesel on the palate.  

Experiencing Strawberry Diesel

This sativa-forward hybrid is perfect for daytime use due to its invigorating cerebral effects. After a few hits, patients will experience a surge of euphoria, allowing creativity and conversation to flow easily. A mild bodily sensation accompanying the mood lift relaxes tensions without completely immobilizing the body. The carefree vibes allow patients to remain active and social.

A sustained mood boost and spacey head state follows the peak high of 1-2 hours. There is a possibility of mild couchlock after 3 hours when taking higher doses. Strawberry Diesel is considered one of the top mood boosters due to its well-balanced effects and sustained potency of 19-26% THC.

With its blend of mental stimulation and moderate body effects, this strain targets chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. A burst of bubbly creative energy allows patients to let go of distractions and negative thoughts. An added benefit of Strawberry Diesel is that it relaxes minor aches and pains and enhances appetite. In addition to treating eating disorders and nausea, migraines, and muscle spasms, these properties also benefit patients with eating disorders.

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THC Content


In conclusion, Strawberry Diesel has become a premier cannabis strain since its origins as a cross between Strawberry Cough and New York City Diesel. The sweet strawberry flavors combined with pungent diesel notes create a uniquely uplifting and invigorating sativa-dominant profile suited for daytime enjoyment. Its long-lasting euphoric mental properties allow consumers to feel more creative, relaxed and carefree. And while its THC levels test quite high between 19-26% on average, the stimulating cognitive effects counterbalance the milder body effects for an active and non-sedating experience overall. For both recreational and medicinal smokers alike, Strawberry Diesel hits all the high notes. The dynamic bright berry flavors and balanced hybrid effects cement Strawberry Diesel as contender for the cannabis hall of fame in terms of flavor, potency and well-rounded performance.